Sunday, April 20, 2008


So, going out to eat is kind of a production around here. It takes at least a half hour to choose a restaurant, and there aren't any that are withing a 10 minute drive, so we always end up going pretty far. We tend not to like the big chain restaurants. Or maybe it's just that they don't interest us, since their food is generally fine, it's just a regular experience. We enjoy going places that aren't well known, or are the more authentic ethnic foods. Here's a list of some of the most recent ones:

  • Johnny Carino's Italian Restaurant: The salad was really good, and they had toasted garlic for dipping the bread in. Melinda had the bowtie festival, which had a great bacony taste. We loved it. The waitress suggested an apple tart dessert, and it was perfect. It's near Costco, 106th south in Sandy, UT
  • Sam Hawk: This Korean restaurant has been one of our favorites for a long time. If you're ordering chicken, try the chicken fusion kalbi, but their other meats are more interesting. Also consider the stone bowl bibimpop.
  • Sushi Express: The best sushi we've found in Utah. Really good, and pretty cheap too. The nigiri sushi is extra fresh, and the Las Vegas roll is a nice spicy, crunchy surprise. The sushi chef is from Japan. Like, really, from Japan.
  • Belgian Waffle and Omelet Inn: This place had great waffles. We were especially impressed by the fruit toppings, which weren't the oversugared, preservative laden pie filling-type you'd get at IHOP. There's also a little punk vibe going on, with the server's tatoos and piercings and being right across from the high school.
  • Lollicup: They have great boba drinks(tapioca balls in a smoothie). Try the taro snow.
  • Bombay House: Great indian food, worth trying. Make sure that you get some Naan to go with your order.
  • Bambara: This was the most expensive place we went(it's more like 50$). They had a sensational breakfast, and the atmosphere was great. For fancy dining, we really recommend it. Their pancakes have crack in them, and the eggs benedict was awesome.
For now, that's our list, but there's more places in our queue.